Saturday, March 1, 2014

19. Hobbies

If you know me you know that I love sports. Baseball and hockey are my favorites. So I do really enjoy the ESPN ScoreCenter app. When I got "free" cable at my last apartment ESPN was one of the channels. I think I pretty much watched Sports Center and nothing else for the first few weeks of my first real cable TV experience. With the Wild being just above average this year, and the Twins having multiple disappointing seasons I sometimes wonder if Minnesota will have a world champion in my lifetime.

I also enjoy birds. I love hawks, falcons, and eagles, but don't know much about them really. So the Sibley eGuide to Birds of North America LITE app is pretty fun to play around with. I am kind of hesitant to pay $20 to download the full version, so I will try out the trial birds in great detail to see if I really want to sink that much money into an app. I think the most I have ever spend on an app before was a couple bucks to remove those annoying ads from Words with Friends. Best money I had spent in some time!

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