Wednesday, March 5, 2014

22. Discovering Apps

I picked the Droid of the Day app for this Thing. I kind of like having a new app waiting for me each day. Almost like the joke, video, or picture of the day email listserves that were so popular when the Internet and email first came about. Even if you aren't able to enjoy a app everyday, you can go back and look at previous days ones to find one that would like to use.

I found the Tao Mix app, a soothing sounds type of program. Great for relaxing and meditating if you enjoy that type of thing. You can even create your own combination of birds, ocean noises, blowing wind, etc. Great for those who want to lower their stress level.

Also found a game called Hungry Beagles. A dog puzzle game. A move the dog to the goal game where you must collect bones, and move blocks out of the way to get your dog to their doghouse. Fun for animal lovers!

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