Wednesday, March 5, 2014

23. Evaluate 23 Mobile Things

Wow! I finished! Took just over a month. I was shooting for around a month because I tend to procrastinate with these types of learning tools, so I am glad I was able to finish it close to my original goal.

I definitely like using my device more to help patrons now than before starting this project. Before I kind of felt that they probably thought I was ignoring them, but I simply explain that I am trying find the material they are asking for. If the bookmobile gods are happy, I can even find it on the shelf sometimes!

Now if only SirsiDynix could fix the BookMyne app I could find items quicker for patrons with my phone. Just tried it again now, and it still does not work. I'm told the problems may be fixed when they release version 4.0. But I'm not sure when that will be coming out.

My favorite thing was number 21. The free for all. I liked sharing some of my favorite apps with library workers in our region. Now that my blog is done I can look at other blogs and find out what other people are up to with their mobile device.

Not really sure what could be done to improve upon this. I just hope more people in our region will take these types of "classes". If we stop wanting to learn new things, we are probably in the wrong profession. I would absolutely take another 23 Things program in the future.

I would describe my learning experience to be "Trouble Free". Even with my cheap phone I did not have one bit of trouble with any of the apps you talked about, or with any of the ones I stumbled upon while picking my own apps to review. I was worried that since my phone is not run through one of the major carriers that I would have problems, but this was not the case.

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