Friday, February 14, 2014

10. Sharing Photos

Instagram is another program I have heard about and always wondered about. So now that we have the pictures from the previous Thing, or one of the hundreds of others already on our mobile device, now what do we do with them?

Good job to the Gilbert Library on their Instagram page: GPL. As you can see they do movie nights, and what a great way to spread the word about it. Kids and teens are more likely to pay attention to these images on their phone rather than noticing a flyer that was put up at school. We don't get a lot of kids on the bookmobile during the winter, but we do have a fairly active summer reading program.

It would be interesting to add a picture of all 66 bookmobile stops to an Instagram page. Then leave comments about what items were the most popular ones at the stop. Adult fiction books and DVDs are the most popular items overall that are circulated. But some stops have mainly DVDs checked out and few adult fiction books, and vice versa.

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