Sunday, February 16, 2014

14. Videos

I picked the Vine program for this Thing, as it was yet another program I had heard about but had never tried before. I like how it only gives you 6 seconds of time for your video. Challenging yet rewarding at the same time. What a great idea for libraries.

Give a short spiel about new materials every week. This week we have some new romances, the new Tom Clancy, the newest Sports Illustrated magazine with Olympic coverage, etc. I also like the idea of introducing patrons to the staff so they are viewed as being more approachable. Just a quick video for all staff if you are in a smaller library. If you have a large amount of staff on board, then you could take a video for each department. Another great idea I found on one of the links is highlighting programs or events that just took place. This would be good to show off what fun patrons were having in the hopes that you could entice new patrons to come to the next program. This would probably help the most with kids and teens, as they always seem to be the most challenging to get to come into the library.

With this one we could give a tour of the entire bookmobile, inside and out, and be well within our 6 second time limit!

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