Sunday, February 2, 2014

2. Mobile Device Tips

I have a phone through the StraightTalk company. Mainly to save money and to text. I love to text, but a year ago I didn't have the service. I have actually texted my coworkers on the bookmobile from time to time to find out some information. Much easier than trying to call.

My phone is a LG Optimus Extreme (not to be confused with the leader of the Autobots). This is the phone I will be using for these tutorials. It runs the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. This is a little dated, but these are the types of phones StraightTalk offers. A bit outdated, but for the price it is hard to complain. I also have a Kindle Fire I might use to change things up a bit.

As far as learning new tricks. The copy feature is really handy because lets face it. I can text about as fast as a snail moves. This is also handy when texting people a website or a long text description of something. Like perhaps sending a patron a description of a book for them to consider?

The re-sizable widgets is another useful tool. Frankly I only use a few different apps, and while that will probably change after this project, for right now if I had a few bigger ones to tap it would be easier to use. Lets just say my coordination is not all that great. This would also be good for people with vision problems.

Lastly I love the voice feature on this phone. I have used it many times since I got this phone, and it has been accurate every time but once. It seems to have more trouble with numbers than actual words. But lets face it, this is a big time saver. I can talk much faster than I can type on this contraption.

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