Sunday, February 16, 2014

13. Presentations

I worked with Deck Slideshow Presentations for this project. It is a nice little program but I guess when doing any sort of presentation I would like to have more control over it and use either Excel itself or something similar.

You basically give it just a small amount of info and it will write a bare bones slideshow for you. Giving it more information will create a more detailed slideshow. There are themes as well but not very many. Apparently the paid version of the app includes more. While this seems like a cop out I guess I need to realize they are out to make money just as anyone of us would be if we put time and energy into making an app.

You can also save and export your file to work on later. But this brings me to sort of an off topic rant. How come a floppy disc is STILL the icon used to save your work? I know what they are since I grew up using them as a kid. But kids today must wonder just what the heck that icon is for.

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