Sunday, February 9, 2014

3. Utilities

I used two different utilities for this post. The first was the QR Scanner. While I had used this on previous phones I had not gotten around to installing this on my new phone. Typically used for promotions and the like this is handy to have for websites and other searches. It allows your phone to detect information stored in the QR code and sends you off to a website. It comes up in a few seconds, rather than waiting to type it into your phones web browser.

The second was the WiFi finder, and was a new tool for me. Since I am out on the bookmobile a few days a week, we can only usually connect to the Internet via 3G. At one of our stops I found that there was a WiFi signal that was coming into the bookmobile. Amazing since we were a ways away from the building, and that we are essentially inside of a metal shell. I found several signals, a couple of which were password protected, but this will be a handy feature to have in the future as WiFi is faster and more stable than 3G.

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