Friday, February 14, 2014

9. Taking & Editing Photos

Wow talk about a fun one. I picked the LINE camera app for this Thing. I envision being able to show this to teens during a programming event at the library. Sort of like a mobile Photoshop without all the extra, unnecessary features. Lets face it. If you have used Photoshop before you know that it can take a while to start up if you have a slower computer and you never really end up using all of the functions of it anyway. Fast and to the point is the only way to keep teens interested in things these days.

I remember using a Read Generator Program created by ALA in one of the previous 23 Things programs. While it looks like it is no longer available on the ALA website (if you can find it please respond to my post), here is a sample of what I remember them looking like: Poster Example.

I guess I liked the text feature the most. Creepy fonts for a Halloween picture, fancier fonts for a Valentine's Day picture perhaps? I wonder if there is a Yoda font? Origami Yoda Poster

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