Sunday, February 9, 2014

5. Notetaking

I picked the Remember the Milk app for this project. I can honestly say this is very exciting. Each day on the bookmobile I usually come back to the office with a half dozen or so post it notes. Patron requests, supplies needed from the office, patrons who have returned overdues, etc. This is one place I can store all of that for the day, without worrying about losing a stray post it note due to poor adhesive quality. Don't laugh, it has happened before. The due dates portion will work great for standing orders I have for patrons (westerns, romances, etc), that I don't have to fill until we make that run again. Which is always three weeks later. I can work on other requests and projects in the meantime.

And lets face it this works great for grocery lists too. Half the time I forget my list, but rarely do I forget my phone. My phone appears to have a very basic note taking app, but the ones feature here are more advanced and have more features I will use down the road. Like the text notification feature.

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